You cannot possibly understand how fervently I wish this Reed Krakoff tote were leather

December 16th, 2011

Hey, handbag designers! We need to talk. Huddle up, it’s time for a chit chat.

I know that relatively inexpensive canvas totes probably sell well for you guys. They’re extremely low-margin compared to leather bags (which are already pretty low-margin compared to lots of consumer products), and having a strong brand name means you get to mark them up like crazy. I get it! I just don’t like it.

Take the Reed Krakoff Leather-Trimmed Canvas Tote, for example. When I first saw it, I got that little sparkly feeling in the back of my brain that happens as soon as I set eyes on something that I really like. Printed bags are under-appreciated, and this graphic python print in particular is quite nice. For a moment, I had hope that the bag was leather. Those hopes were quickly dashed.

To be clear, this isn’t something that’s limited to Reed Krakoff, and I generally think that Krakoff’s designs are well-priced compared to other options of a similar style and quality. Those things are generally positive, but in this case, they made the fact that this tote is canvas a bit of a bigger letdown. For such a simple shape in an inexpensive fabric, I can’t abide this kind of price tag from any brand. Jack up the price a little further and give me leather, Reed. Or anyone! But especially Reed. Priced at $540 via Net-a-Porter.

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