Would you carry a designer backpack? Chanel Edition

April 10th, 2012

Would you carry a designer backpack? Chanel Edition Chanel Backpack Fall 2012

Truth be told, designer backpacks are part of the reason I began loving handbags. Growing up, I went to a private school and our uniform was ultimately bland and unflattering on every body type. The only way to stand out was with accessories, but there were rules keeping us from “over-doing” it in the eyes of the administration. By school standards, we had the two-two-two rule: two earrings, two rings, two bracelets, two necklaces allowed at any one time. And it wasn’t fashion jewelry that we could wear, it was “practical”. This, to me, was rather bland and I turned to my backpack to stand out.

By my freshman year of high school, the girls were carrying Prada and Gucci backpacks and I decided my backpack would be my accessory as well. I went for funky, bright purple floral bag that no one else had, and even though it was highly impractical, I adored it. However, I still checked out all the girls and all their backpacks in an effort to decide what would be placed on my wishlist. Backpacks are a necessity for certain times in our lives and even when they are not a necessity, they can still be cool.

Chanel hopes to have the next designer backpack being talked about, and I think this version for Fall 2012 might get the job done.

The Chanel Backpack has every nod to the classic aesthetic of the house, from the chain strap detailing to the tweed body. I personally prefer the modern design of the ridiculously priced The Row Backpack, but something about this rather obvious creation lures me in anyway.

The bag isn’t all that practical it seems, with a rather slim body and two spacious outside pockets, both with the classic Chanel logo on the outside. But some designs aren’t supposed to be the most usable, they are fashion statements. Just like my Prada messenger bag barely fit the necessities when I carried it in high school, this Chanel bag may not hold every book and folder you wish, but it sure is pretty. More info to come closer to the bag’s release this summer.

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