Want it Wednesday: Chanel Sport

January 12th, 2012

You wouldn’t think the words Chanel and Sport would go together. Leave it to Chanel to make traditional sporty items incredibly chic by adding their luxury touches. While there are countless items in their sports category, it seems that none of these are currently available. I even searched on eBay and had no luck tracking down the amazing yet silly Chanel rugby football.

Why do I want these items, you ask? Well, because I am one of those people that buys into hilarious over-priced gimmicks and wants to place them around my house and office. I’d much rather use a set of Chanel hand weights as paperweights than the usual offerings. Yesterday, I found myself desperately seeking the Chanel football and hand-weights, but since they are from 2007, they are nowhere to be found. All that means is that this Wednesday I am truly wanting these items and I also can’t have them. That is the worst combination ever. If Chanel is listening, all I ask is that you create more items that I don’t need but I seriously want.

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