Vision Research Launches the New High-Speed Phantom v642

March 28th, 2012

Phantom-v642.jpgThe folks at Vision Research have an
obsession, and that’s slow-motion video. Their latest camera brings
that in spades, with a rate of 1450fps at a 4K resolution and 2560fps
at 1080p. That gives you a playback speed of around 90x slower than
the live action you’ve recorded.

The camera comes packed with 8GB of
RAM, though 16GB and 32GB models are available for those that need a
bit more space. This high-speed RAM allows for some impressive
things from the Phantom v642, such as the ability to record video
even during playback.

Another upgrade to the Phantom v642 is
the addition of Multi-Matrix Color Correction Technology. The
addition of that tech allows the Phantom to match the colors of a
regular speed camera.


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