Versace makes a bag I like at a price that I don’t

August 31st, 2011

We aren’t known to be the biggest Versace supporters at our site, but we’ve been feeling a it warmer lately. I know some people absolutely love the brand, but Donatella’s accessories almost always go over the edge of overt opulence; they’re often too ornate for my liking. However, upon seeing the Versace Structured Snake-Effect Leather Tote I felt true excitement. Sure, the overall design is simple, but the python print along with the coloring screams “fall statement piece.” (It also sort of screams “Valentino Fall 2011,” but that’s another post entirely.) The sad news is that PurseBloggers, we have a problem: the price.

When the description read snake-effect and the price showed $3,995, I was certain there was a mistake. A mistype, perhaps? But no, this bag’s faux finish is printed on leather; it’s not exotic python skin. And no matter how much I want to tell you all that Versace is getting it right, the brand is still getting its prices all wrong.

Versace Structured Snake-effect Leather Tote, $3995 via Net-A-Porter

How can a brand that has spent the last several years floundering around in its own accessories mess ask us to pay $4k for a leather tote? The Versace name does not have enough pull in the handbag world to be able to ask these prices and I do not know who will go out and actually spend it. I guess you would have to really, really, really love the design, and I don’t. I merely like it.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a Versace creation that I liked before even realizing it was Versace. The royal blue, brown, and cream color combo flows together beautifully. There are two top handles and a detachable shoulder strap for ease of use. I was happy to see the tasseled key fob is removable, and while I am not usually a fan of these adds-ons it works with this bag. What still doesn’t work is the price. Buy via NAP for $3,995.

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