This little piggy comes from Gucci

October 12th, 2011

I’ve got a pig obsession. Even if I attempted to explain the story to you, it would never make sense and you would seriously think I am some sort of crazed person. All you need to know is the love of pigs comes from an inside joke between my sister and I and now she calls me pig.

I literally squealed for joy when I saw this little Gucci accessory pop up on Net-A-Porter. Some kitschy accessories are released from time to time and many of them are far too absurd for me to ever want to splurge on them. But today I’ve got a major itch for the Gucci Little Pig Leather and Canvas Coin Purse and I plan to buy one for me and one for my sister.

At first glance, this doesn’t look entirely like a pig. But there is a snout! And a tail! And two piggy ears! Is that not so absurdly adorable that you can barely contain yourself? The dimensions are tiny, a mere 4″x 2″x 2, but this is the perfect little pouch to throw some essentials into your bag and be able to transfer from bag to bag.

For me, my inhaler and Benadryl will find the perfect home in this adorable coin purse. I have to carry both of these at all times for my asthma and allergies, so might as well hide them in a cute way. The backside of the pig has GG-canvas which I otherwise steer clear of, but in this case I can totally make an exception. Also, this is a GREAT stocking stuffer (hint hint). Buy via Net-A-Porter for $250.

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