Thief steals $17,000 handbag from Ralph Lauren’s New York flagship store

March 24th, 2012

Thief steals $17,000 handbag from Ralph Laurens New York flagship store Stolen Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag

Sure, we’ve all joked about snatching a gorgeous, outrageously expensive handbag and running for the hills, but who among us would actually steal something that wasn’t ours? Whether it’s your sense of morality or merely your pragmatic fear of being caught and imprisoned that keeps you from swiping handbags doesn’t really matter; the point is, handbags that cost as much as a car just don’t go missing that often, particularly from stores that employ large, suit-wearing guards who will tackle you into traffic in the middle of the Upper East Side.

Ralph Lauren’s gorgeous flagship boutique on East 79th Street (seriously, if you’ve never been, you have to see it) is one such store, and yet somehow, a woman walked in to the store in February and walked out with a $17,000 crocodile Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag, similar to the one pictured about, for which she had apparently not paid. Even though I live just a few blocks from the store, I’d like to say, for the record, that it wasn’t me.

The NYPD describes the thief as being in her 40s or 50s, slight of build at around five feet tall and 110 pounds, with brown hair. The bag was stolen on February 22nd, and as Styleite points out, the outfit that the woman was wearing – camel coat, dark pants, maroon scarf – coordinates well with the brown bag she pilfered, suggesting that this was a well-planned (and apparently successful) heist job.

Ok, so fess up – which one of you did it? If you were going to become a bagsnatcher, which design would be your target?

You can buy the Ricky via

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