Tamron Launches Mom-to-Mom Project with Tips and Inspiration for Moms

November 17th, 2011

Tamron-momtomom.pngOver half of digital camera purchases
are made by women, so it’s not a surprise that in most families it’s
Mom who ends up taking the pictures. Tamron’s new Mom-to-Mom project
is aimed specifically at these photo snapping moms.

“We designed the Mom-to-Mom
exhibits to serve as a fun, interactive venue where moms brainstorm
with and glean ideas from other mom photographers to boost their
confidence when creating their own family memories,” says Tamron
CMO Stacie Errera.

The first exhibit as part of the
Mom-to-Mom project is titled “How
do you get your kids to smile
?” and focuses on just that.
More exhibits will be popping up over the next year, each with a
different family photography topic.

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