Sunday Funday: Newspaper Manicure

January 15th, 2012

2011 was a year where I began my nail polish obsession. I always enjoyed a good manicure but I never loved painting my own nails and I relied on salons to get the job done. I owned all of 5 polishes. But then something clicked and I became obsessed, and went from owning 5 polishes to now owning over 250 polishes. This is an intense addiction, but it is one where I actually use everything that I buy. I change my manicure every few days and try new polishes and new techniques.

Last week, I asked on Twitter what kind of manicure I should give myself and ginnnyna suggested a newspaper manicure. Truth be told, I never heard of this before but decided to do a google search and see what I could find out. The technique is simple and the finished design is totally nifty.

Also, I have been going bananas for rings and bracelets recently. Because my bags are held by hand, I love making them stand out even more by upping up my accessory game. Both rings in the photo are from Plukka and I am completely obsessed. If you love unique jewelry, check out their website which has a really interesting set up: what they make is what you want and the more people that order an item the less it costs each person.

How to:

1. Start off by picking a light colored polish to paint your nails. I choose to put one coat of OPI Apline Snow followed by two coats of Chanel Pearl Drop (511) to give a true white with a touch of shimmer.

2. Let the polish dry completely.

3. Cut 10 small strips of newspaper (large enough to cover your fingernails).

4. Get a small plastic bowl (one you don’t plan to eat out of) and pour a bit of rubbing alcohol inside.

5. Dunk one nail in the rubbing alcohol and let it submerge completely for 5 seconds.

6. Place a newspaper strip on top of that nail and press down firmly and evenly for 15-20 seconds.

7. Remove strip and repeat for all nails.

8. Finish each nail with a top coat to protect and seal the newspaper print.

Easy as that!

Since nails and bags go hand in hand, literally, I plan to bring more manicure ideas and accessory tips to you this year. Vlad is trying to talk me into filming how-to videos, and while I completely dislike hearing my voice played back to me, it could be really fun. What do you think?

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