Sony Announces New HD Series S-Frame Digital Frames

July 29th, 2011

Sony-SFrame.JPGWhile digital frames are no longer the
impressive novelty that they once were, they’re still a fantastic way
to display your photos without having to deal with printing and
framing. The slideshow functionality is a nice bonus too, allowing
you to keep the pictures fresh every time you walk by.

Sony will be launching a new group of
S-Frames in September which range from 7 inches up to 10 inches.
They offer on-screen icons and simple functionality to make them
easier to use and Sony promises crystal clear picture quality thanks to high-resolution LED backlit LCD screens. What’s more is the new models can also play back both AVCHD and MP4 video files. They even support JPEG and Alpha’s RAW file formats.

All models include 2GB of internal memory, and a timer function
that turns the frame on and off for you so you don’t have to waste
energy when you’re not at home. They’re also compatible with Sony Memory
Stick Pro Duo cards, SD/SDHC/SDXC cards, and USB thumb drives.

Suggested retail pricing:

  • DPF-HD1000 (10″ WSVGA LCD): $169.99 US
  • DPF-HD800 (8″ WVGA LCD): $139.99 US
  • DPF-HD700 (7″ WVGA LCD): $119.99 US

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