Photoshop Touch Announced for Android Tablets – iPad App Coming After

October 5th, 2011

Photoshop Touch-rename.pngAdobe is one company that’s quick to
jump on new technology. They started making products for smartphones
fairly quickly and now they’re making a jump to tablets in a really
big way.

Product Manager John Nack says that
Photoshop Touch is made for people who want to work creatively with
their photos on the go, but not do intense editing. Considering the
rest of the photo editing software available for tablets though,
Photoshop Touch may be the most intensive yet.

With Photoshop Touch you can change
effects and filters, manipulate layers and use blending modes to
combine them and add finishing touches. Nack says it’s the scribble
selection tool that really makes it.

“f I had to boil the app down to
one feature, it’s this: Take two images, remove the background from
one, and then blend the two images together to create a new scene,”
says Nack. “The Scribble Selection tool lets you use your finger
or a stylus to quickly draw on the foreground object you want to keep
and the background you want to delete. Then tap Extract, and the
background disappears”

Adobe says that Photoshop Touch will be
available soon, but has not yet stated a date or price. You can find
up more and sign up for notification of release at Adobe.

(via PetaPixel)

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