Photo Fun with Ice

December 15th, 2011

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Every season is rich with its own, unique photographic opportunities — spring blossoms, summer storms, fall foliage — but winter’s frozen wonders seem especially magical. A few days ago, Steve’s Digicams Facebook fan, photographer Brenda Bristol Dann, sent us a link to a series of ice photos she took after a happy accident.  
Apparently, her grandsons had been playing in the backyard the day before, and one of them managed to turn on a garden hose.  The running water went undetected, despite the hose’s pinhole leak, and the next morning Brenda found her porch and nearby lawn sprouting icicles. Like all true shutterbugs, Brenda first grabbed her camera before turning off the water.  
The resulting photos are stunning, showing off a range of details and textures and light.  It’s like a miniature winter wonderland.  
This, of course, got me thinking about how easy and fun it could be for others to recreate this for their own photos.  All you need is running water, a hose, freezing temperatures, time, and a little luck (though we must caution anyone operating exterior water pipes in the winter to proceed carefully, as these pipes love to freeze and burst if left unattended).
Click here to see Brenda’s entire slideshow and gallery.
If you don’t want to make your own ice, you’re always welcome to let mother nature take the lead. Fellow photographer and Steve’s Facebook fan, Tom Gill, just shared a link to a Flickr gallery, titled Frozen World.  It’s a pretty sweet collection of frozen landscapes, waterfalls, and even a Lake Michigan Lighthouse covered by the gnarliest icicles I’ve ever seen.

Thanks again to Brenda and Tom for sharing!

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