Olympus May Sell Off its Camera Division

December 1st, 2011


If you’ve been following the Olympus scandal you’re probably
aware that things aren’t going well for the company.  Olympus heads made some unethical and illegal decisions that
may even tie in to the Yakuza and that’s not earning them a lot of friends
right now.

Right now, Olympus needs to slim down and focus on what’s
important.  That means it’s time to
sell off what they can and embrace what’s actually making money. The Olympus
camera business has been losing money for years and there’s no indication that
things are going to turn around which makes it prime for acquisition by a more
successful rival.

Of course, we all know Olympus as a consumer camera company,
so where are they going to get their money?  Endoscopes.  You
know, those cameras that doctors shove down your throat or elsewhere to get a
good look at your insides.  Olympus
practically owns the entire business.

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