Newly Developed X-Ray Camera Captures 4.5 Million Frames a Second

August 4th, 2011

Million FPS.jpgFolks act impressed when they find out
their new TV can show a whopping 480 frames per second, or when a
camera can capture a great number of photos in the same amount of
time. The people at the Science and Technology Facilities Council
are less excited by those numbers.

That’s because they’re making a camera
that’s capable of shooting at a speed of 4.5 million frames a second.
For those that didn’t feel like doing the math on that one, that’s
270 million shots in a minute. It’s a staggering number, but keep in
mind, this isn’t designed for consumer use.

The camera will be created to take 3D
X-ray photos of single molecules. Those photos will help scientists
to understand more about matter, about diseases and the drugs that
treat and cure them. It’s a huge undertaking that’s expected to
complete in 2015.

and Technology Facilities Council

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