Mulberry’s electrical adapter might be the chicest (and most useful) travel accessory of the year

December 13th, 2011

Mulberry Travel Adapter, $230 via Net-a-Porter

Luxury travel accessories usually fall into two categories: Pretty things that no one actually uses or needs and things that are pretty while also being surprisingly useful. The Mulberry Travel Adapter, complete with its bright pink leather carrying case, is one of the few that fits firmly in the latter designation.

For anyone left who doesn’t know this, American plugs don’t work in foreign outlets and vice versa, and some foreign plugs don’t work in other foreign outlets. To make your flat iron work everywhere on the globe, it’s necessary to take a converter with you when travelling overseas, because god knows you don’t want a frizzy mane while on vacay. Now that Mulberry has stepped up to the plate, you can ensure electrical compatibility in chic pink leather.

Ok, sure, usually you can pick up one of these converters at Best Buy for $15-$30, depending how much fanciness you want. But for those people who treat $300 like most of us treat $30 (they’re out there, trust), this is an unexpected, chic gift with a case that can also be used to corral phone chargers and other various and sundry cords when travelling domestically. Or, alternately, if you know someone who’s just gotten a new job or promotion that will be taking them overseas a lot in the new years, this would be a wonderful token of your congratulations. Priced at $230 via Net-a-Porter.

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