Margiela makes the most expensive grocery bag ever

January 26th, 2012

You can always rely on Margiela for a good dose of the unexpected – a magnifying glass made to look like a pair of broken glasses, peep toe shoes that peep in an entirely different way, a clutch covered with broken reflective plastic instead of sequins. Whatever your expectations are, Margiela delights in turning them on their ear.

Similarly, when you consider a grocery bag, you probably have one material very clearly in mind – thin plastic, usually white or beige. The Maison Martin Margiela Studded Leather Grocery Bag, on the other hand, takes the expected shape and turns it totally luxurious with black leather and studs.

Thankfully, this incredibly expensive take on the grocery bag doesn’t seem intended to actually carry groceries, as some triple-digit bags of a similar shape seem intended to do. Instead, it’s a thoroughly modern design that takes a wink at another kind of bag that we all carry with great regularity but few of us every think about. Not only that, but because grocery bags are a little piece of everyday functional design that we take for granted, odds are that this bag would be pretty easy to carry. It may not fit everyone’s style, but for Margiela fans, this would be a pretty sound purchase. Buy through ShopBop for $1440.

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