is selling limited edition Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutches

December 16th, 2011

I will admit to not fully understanding how the Marc Jacobs website works (People kept saying that they were having a 70% off sale yesterday but everything looked like it was full priced to me? What?), and the fact that Jacobs is using it to sell Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutches is just another thing about it that confuses me. I can’t think of another major high-end brand that sells things that aren’t actually its own products on its website.

Which means that as soon as I saw the clutches, I was ready to write a post about how Jacobs was the latest designer to jump on the book clutch bandwagon, but instead, it looks like the brand is using its huge reach to support an independent designer. Kind of a refreshing move, right?

Olympia was the originator of the book-clutch concept, and her items are made in small batches at the company’s Paris studio. Le-Tan tends to choose edgier or darker works than the equally well-known Kate Spade book clutches, and instead of a laminated finish, these clutches are embroidered. Each of these titles comes in limited runs of 16 pieces, so if you have the cash and any of these books are an old favorite (AHEM, TRUMAN CAPOTE), think about picking one up as a Christmas present from you, to you. Buy through Marc Jacobs for $1500.

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