Look for Less: Lips Clutch

February 8th, 2012

Look for Less: Lips Clutch lips clutches

You know how they say time flies when you’re having fun? I am certain that this is both cliche and true, as I have no idea how it is nearly the middle of February. For the fashion world, this means Fashion Week (aka month) is here, and for the rest of the world it means Valentine’s day is upon us. As much as I love getting gifts, I look forward to putting together a Valentine’s outfit more than anything.

I’ve been obsessing over the Lulu Guiness Lips Clutch for years and I am not the only one. My mom went gaga for this clutch and Vlad and I bought it for her for Christmas this year. This novelty item is cutesy without being over-the-top. It would make for a great Valentine’s day gift but also for the perfect clutch to carry to your romantic Valentine’s day dinner. But if you love this look and want a look for less, we found the perfect option.

Felix Rey is constantly providing accessory lovers with funky products and right when I saw the Felix Rey Kissy Face Mesh Clutch, I immediately thought of the infamous Lulu Guiness Lips Clutch. The dimensions of both are very similar as is the look of both items. For hundreds less you can nab the lips clutch style, but if you ask me, I’d go for one of the original Lulu Guiness versions, of which there are plenty. Shop the Lulu Guiness Lips clutch for $465 via Lulu Guiness online and buy the Felix Rey option for $119 via ShopBop.

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