Latest Obsession: The Rag & Bone Mountain Pack

August 10th, 2011

I know what you’re thinking. “Two brown bags in one day? Is Amanda on crack?” And that’s a fair question.

I’m not, though. At least not that I know of. For some reason, the handbags that are making me happy today are from a vastly different palette than my regular choices, and I like the reasonably priced Rag & Bone Mountain Pack so much that I’d actually be willing to buy it. I mean, I’d definitely check to see if it came in other colors first, just for wardrobe cohesion. If it didn’t, I still wouldn’t mark it off my list entirely. This bag set something off in my brain the moment I saw it, which is pretty much the reaction that every designer is hoping to elicit with one of his or her pieces. Few do that for me, but this one got all the serotonin moving. Backpacks are having such a moment right now.

The key to this design is its deceptive simplicity. Instead of looking easy or lazy, this bag looks planned down to the last stitch, and all the excess has been edited away until all that’s left is a perfectly prototypical take on retro-modernity. The design’s lines are break-your-back sharp, but your brain still recognizes the bag as something that very well might be from a different time entirely. On the whole, the design is almost shockingly well-executed. Really, does it come in any other colors? Buy through ShopBop for $275.

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