L’Wren gives you two bags for the price of one in her handbag debut

September 7th, 2011

L’Wren Scott Lulu Python Satchel, $4307 via Matches

Admittedly, it’s two bags for the price of one still-quite-expensive handbag, but just look at ‘em! It’s kind of hard to find fault with structured dark grey snakeskin, in my very humble (ok, not-so-humble) opinion. The L’Wren Scott Large Lulu Python Tote echoes the design of L’Wren’s famous dresses – strong, modern and tailored to great effect.

When introducing a new segment of a brand, I can’t stress how important it is to ensure that the new products have some sort of aesthetic connection to the old ones. If you already have a dedicated audience that’s willing to spend money (lots of money) on the things that you make, failing to cater to those people with new products doesn’t make any sense. And yet, every year, brands come out with bags that have seemingly nothing to do with the brand images they’ve worked so hard to create with the other parts of their lines.

That’s a pitfall that Scott has avoided splendidly. Her ultra-tailored dresses are the stuff of buy-on-in-every-color legend in the high-end ready-to-wear market, and an exotic but restrained satchel perfectly translates that into the accessories world. Including the clutch wallet with the large model is perhaps a small stroke of genius, because it gives the purchase a sense of value; an added incentive for existing customers to get their feet wet with the handbag line, if you will. Whether you’re already a L’Wren Scott fan or not, this bag is totally worth a look. Buy through Matches for $4307.

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