Just Posted: Steve’s Ricoh GR Digital IV Review

January 6th, 2012

rioch_GR_digital_IV-470.jpgFor those Ricoh fans out there, or anyone looking for a sophisticated, well-rounded prosumer camera, we give you our Ricoh GR Digital IV (aka the GR IV) Review. Ricoh (who now owns Pentax) is known for making some very nice cameras; albeit, expensive cameras! The GR IV builds upon the GR III we reviewed in 2009, with some impressive upgrades; like an all new Hybrid 190-point AF system with an external AF sensor.

To get all the details about the GR IV, be sure to read our full review. You can also head straight to Steve’s Conclusion to get the skinny on the GR IV’s performance during our tests; or view our full-size, unedited Sample Photos to judge it for yourself.

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