In which I put Versace on blast for the second time this week

January 6th, 2012

Versace Baroque Print PVC Tote, $1125 via Net-a-Porter

At first, I had no issue with the Versace Baroque Print PVC Tote. The yellow-on-white pattern may not be my personal taste, but it’s the kind of strong, intricate visual for which Versace is known, so I can’t fault them for pursuing that aesthetic. What I CAN fault them for, though, is charging over a thousand dollars for a very basic tote that’s not even real leather.

I don’t like to dogpile criticism on any brand, even Versace, so normally the post from earlier this week about the exceptionally horrid metallic pink bag would have been the last thing I had to say on the matter for a little while. When it comes to bad pricing, though, I just can’t keep my mouth shut and be the bigger person. That much money for a PVC bag is a ripoff of the highest order. (Are you listening, Stella McCartney?)

I don’t care how you market it, PVC is not a high-end material. It’s not even remotely based on anything that appears in nature, manufacturing it is terrible for the environment and some research indicates that it contains carcinogenic chemicals. It’s gross, in addition to usually being a very cheap-looking (and it looks that way because it is cheap) alternative to leather. I understand that Stella McCartney has at least a somewhat reasonable explanation for why she doesn’t use leather, but Versace has no such thing.

Personally, I find this bag’s existence and its price disrespectful to Versace’s loyal customers. They must think you guys are idiots, that’s really the only explanation for charging that much for a basic tote made out of the same stuff as those bags at the cart in the mall. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1125.

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