If you’re going to overspend on a canvas tote, at least make it a Givenchy canvas tote

February 8th, 2012

If youre going to overspend on a canvas tote, at least make it a Givenchy canvas tote Givenchy Birds of Paradise Tote

I’ve made my feelings on spendy canvas totes known before – they’re not worth it, almost universally. They’re definitely not worth it when they reach into the four figures, even when the tote in question is as pretty as the Givenchy Birds of Paradise Tote. It sure has a pretty print, though, doesn’t it?

Before glancing down to find the price for this bag, I said a brief, silent prayer that it would be somewhere in the $500-$600 range. That’s still more than I really want to pay for this type of design, but it’s still within the range where I could tell myself that maybe if it went on sale or if I suddenly had an extra $600 sitting around, I’d buy it. Over $1100 for a canvas tote, on the other hand, makes me do some combination of head-shaking and eye-rolling that, were you to see it in person, would certainly signify my displeasure.

And still the pattern, reminiscent of a scarf print, has totally drawn me in. The tote even comes with a matching pouch, but sadly that’s not enough to convince me to buy canvas when the same bag in solid leather only costs $160 more. And here I find myself lamenting the same problem – why can’t a fantastically creative company like Givenchy give us printed leather? Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1120.

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