Gucci gets winter white exactly right

December 30th, 2011

Gucci Soho Medium Boston Bag, $1395 via Neiman Marcus

Perhaps it’s merely the inevitable grind onward of the fashion industry that’s causing me to feel this way at the moment, but I’m really sick of winter clothing. We’ve all been looking at the bags, shoes and clothes that are currently on the sale circuit since they debuted at the various global Fashion Weeks nearly 10 months ago, and although resort is starting to slip into stores, it’s stil winter outside and in our closets. Frankly, I’m done with it.

Cold weather may bring with it lots of great texture for accessories, but it usually means darker colors, more neutrals and less fun. What’s the best way to cure that ennui with something that is still totally appropriate to carry right now? Winter white, darlings. Winter white. May I suggest the Gucci Soho Medium Boston Bag?

This is a slightly different Gucci Boston Bag than the one we all know and love, and I think it’s a worthy alternative. The details are a little simpler, the lines a little cleaner, the overall feel a little bit more modern (and, it must be said, more high-end). This slightly ivory shade of white fits in well with winter’s darker mood, but it still stands out as a shining beacon of hope that one day, sometime in the next few months, we’ll all once again be able to wear graphic white with abandon. You know, if you’re not prone to spills. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1395.

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