GoingPro Bootcamp to be Held February 18th in Las Vegas

November 15th, 2011

GoingPro-Bootcamp.jpgThe dream of many amateur photographers
and semi-professionals is to make a decent living on their
photography. It’s a difficult task and something that’s not
discussed enough. After all, talking about taxes for the
self-employed isn’t quite as fun as learning new techniques.

The entire focus of GoingPro
and the 2011 bootcamp is just that – the business of photography.
They’ll have seminars from Scott Bourne, Clay Blackmore and Skip
Cohen about how to get a start in the business.

GoingPro Bootcamp 2011 is being held in
Las Vegas on February 18th and runs $99 a ticket. “We’ve
intentionally kept the price as low as possible in order to allow as
many new photographers to attend,” says GoingPro co-founder Skip
Cohen. “We also intend to keep the group relatively small,
allowing us maximum time with the attendees!”

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