Friday Funday: The Proenza Schouler Python Suede PS1 Bag

December 3rd, 2011

Proenza Schouler Python Suede PS1 Bag, $3645 via Barneys

As regular readers have probably noticed, Megs and I have different personal styles. I tend more toward black, she tends more toward brown. She usually chooses hippie-ish details, I prefer industrial finishes. Our tastes overlap more than you’d think, considering those big differences, and one place that we’re always able to meet in the middle is over our shared love for everything Proenza Schouler – especially the handbags.

That’s why it didn’t surprise me when yesterday, Megs turned her laptop around to show me a bag she was drooling over and it just so happened to be the same one that I had stared at for what seemed like hours a few days prior – the Proenza Schouler Python Suede PS1 Bag. Just…look at it.

I’m eying a PS1 (or maybe a PS11? I can’t decide.) as a Christmas present to myself, and although I know that this python version isn’t in the budget, I can’t help but sigh with desire every time I look at it. With all the python colors and finishes that we’ve seen pass through retail accessory departments over the last six months, I think this combination has to be my favorite. Sueded python is so incredibly modern and luxurious compared to its glossy alternative, and this grey shade variation brings the skin’s natural texture into stark relief. If I had to pick this week’s ultimate splurge, there’s no question – this bag would be it. Priced at $3645 via Barneys

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