Flickr is Getting a Significant Facelift Later This Month

February 28th, 2012

Flickr-update-2-2012.pngIf you’ve played around with newer
photo sharing services like Google+ and then gone back to Flickr,
there’s no debating that the look is dated. Functionality is there,
but when it comes to showing off your pictures, looks are vital.

On February 28th, Flickr will be
rolling out a whole new look for the site. It’s one of many changes
in the works, led by new senior product manager Markus Spiering.
You’ll find a completely revamped photo view and a new, easier and
more capable upload page.

This is one step in the right direction
for Flickr and Spiering certainly sees more in the future. One of
the big questions when improving functionality – and one that’s also
difficult to answer – is just who Flickr’s biggest competitors are.

People use it in different ways,” explains Spiering.

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