Essie’s Fall 2011 nail polishes are handbag-themed!

August 19th, 2011

To be perfectly honest with you, I never thought this day would come. Megs and I have been obsessing over nail polish for months (seriously, I’ve amassed about 200 polishes since spring), and we’ve been trying to find a good way to somehow connect it back to handbags so that we could share our obsession with you guys. Thanks to Essie, we’ve finally found a link!

Essie’s Fall 2011 nail polish collection is called Carry On, and all six shades are based on the color palette commonly found in midcentury handbag design. It’s a little Mad Men, a little contemporary, and a whole lot of fun.

I grabbed three of these colors as soon as I saw them for sale: “Power Clutch,” which is a dark grey that’s much darker in person than in this press photo; “Carry On,” a deep red-undertoned purple-wine color; and “Very Structured,” which is kind of a rusty orange-tan. I’ve tried the first two and they’re both absolutely beautiful; I’d recommend the grey in particular.

As far as the handbag connection goes, I think Essie did an excellent job choosing colors that fit the accessories of the era. In fact, I’d be thrilled to death if more companies would make grey and aubergine bags, they’re two of my favorite cold-weather fashion shades.

So, since it’s Friday and it’s the end of summer and we’re probably all feeling a little loose and distracted right now, let’s talk about this: Have you caught the nail bug lately?

You can buy the polishes at your local Ulta. Or if you’re NYC, Ricky’s has their displays out for the collection!

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