DIY: Make a Suction Cup Tripod From an Old GPS Mount

February 2nd, 2012

DIY-Suction-Cup-Mount.jpgA 45 minute time investment and a little bit of cash can turn that old GPS mount into a unique tripod for your camera.

If you’ve upgraded your GPS, or just ditched it in favor of a phone, then you’ve probably got one of those weird suction cup GPS mounts just lying around.  Thanks to this clever hack, you can finally get some use out of it.

The needed materials to create the device aren’t too terribly uncommon – a bit of foam, epoxy, a tripod bolt, clamps and a few things that can be found around the house.  Instructables author Nano-Burger recommends a rotary cutting/sanding tool but says it’s not required to complete the project.

We would, of course, suggest testing this long and hard before attaching your favorite camera and lens combo on your second story window.

Head over to the Instructables’ website for the details on how to build your own.

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