Colorful USB 3.0 Hard Drives Available Now From Verbatim

August 2nd, 2011

Verbatim-USB30.jpgIt used to be the case that a hard
drive was just something that sat in your computer, waiting for you
to put data on it. The only thing anyone was truly concerned about
was the size of the drive. Those times are long gone.

Verbatim’s new SuperSpeed drives are
all about speed. Thanks to USB 3.0 capabilities, they can transfer
files faster than older drives and more reliably to boot. Of course,
if you don’t have a USB 3.0 port yet, they’ll still play nice with
your old tech.

“As a pioneer in data storage
solutions, we’ve made it our goal to deliver what our customers
crave without sacrificing a thing,” says Verbatim marketing
director Charles Klinker. “Whether it’s faster transfer
speeds, more reliable back-up capabilities, or sleek aesthetics, we
deliver on all fronts, and this compact USB 3.0 hard drive is no

The new color splashed USB 3.0 drives
are available now in Black, Hot Pink or Caribbean Blue at a price of $99. Visit Verbatim’s website for more details. 

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