Chloe Gabby colorblocks in all the wrong ways

September 1st, 2011

I love colorblocking. I love the way the seemingly simple trend took over the fashion world quickly and had everyone feeling like some novel idea was introduced in a ground-breaking manner. Yet the trend works so well on everyone, showcasing solid colors paired together to give a sleek yet bold look. The handbag world has taken to the trend as well, with many designers releasing versions of the trend that they believe will get people buzzing. But as always, some do it in a way that draws us in, and others totally miss the mark.

Chloe missed the mark with its Gabby Bucket Bag and its sister bag, the Chloe Gabby Mixed-Snakeskin Duffel is just as bad, if not worse.

Chloe Gabby Mixed-Snakeskin Duffel, $4335 via Neiman Marcus

I know that python is huge for fall, but mixing viper, ayers, and python snakeskin in one design makes me dizzy. I want so badly for this bag to somehow work, I want it to be one of those quirky accessories that looks ridiculous but has the right amount of pizazz to lure me in. But it doesn’t. The bag falls far from it’s mark, offering a confusing amount of broken-up colors and patterns on a bag that is supposed to be classic in its shape.

I loved the direction Chloe took when they released the Marcie, but their recent designs leave me confused. Who is the Chloe girl? Does Chloe even know who the Chloe girl is? All that I feel is lost at a hefty price tag of $4,335 via Neiman Marcus.

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