Casio Earns a Guinness World Record With the TRYX

September 24th, 2011

Casio-TRYX-world-record.pngYou know, at this point it’s starting
to feel like the folks at Guinness will give their world records to
just about anything. Somewhere it stopped being about long
fingernails and the World’s widest mouth.

Casio is now in the book thanks to
their TRYX camera, which was named “World’s Most Adjustable
Digital Camera.” Did you know that was a category? We sure
didn’t. To be fair, the TRYX is crazy adjustable. Its frame rotates
360 degrees, the LCD screen can go 270 and you can even switch it up
so that the frame acts as a tripod.

honored to have TRYX included among such a celebrated collection of
world record,” says Casio general manager Toshi Iguchi.
“Guinness World Records is an iconic brand that for decades has
been synonymous with pushing the boundaries of human achievement, and
we’re thrilled to be a part of it with a product that has redefined
the digital imaging category.”

Check out the the Guinness World Records website to see the entry about the Casio TRYX.

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