‘Captain America’ Used Canon 5D MKIIs for Action and Hard-to-Get Shots

August 4th, 2011

Cap!.jpgThere’s something about superheroes and
DSLRs that’s been making Canon very happy. Plenty of 5D MKII cameras
were used to shoot the racing scenes in ‘Iron Man 2’ and the trend
continues with ‘Captain America.’

Canon’s DSLRs were used in the filming
of the movie’s action sequences, specifically for POV point-of-view
action shots. Thanks to the range of options for the camera,
including user selectable frame rates, it was a breeze to use, or so
says director of photography Jonathan Taylor.

One of the other advantages of the DSLR
is its size. “The challenge with a lot of action photography is
getting the camera in the right position,” says Taylor. “I’m
always looking to get the camera into impossible to reach places
because those kinds of shots make action sequences much more
exciting. Most 35mm motion-picture cameras and even the leading
digital cinematography cameras are just too big to get into
interesting positions.”

The use of Canon DSLRs in the filming
of ‘Captain America’ marks another step forward for the use of DSLRs
in cinema.

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