Botkier does non-pastel pastels for the color-inclined

March 17th, 2012

Botkier does non pastel pastels for the color inclined Botkier Leon Satchel

Where pastels go, controversy follows. Many of you weren’t as enthusiastic about Alexander Wang’s minty shoulder bags as Megs and I are, but if you’re similarly averse to light colors, fret not. Lots of designers have found a way to walk the lines between pastels and brights for Spring 2012; with two such disparate color trends happening in one season, necessity really is the mother of invention.

That’s where the Botkier Leon Satchel comes in. The colors above, dubbed “garden” and “persimmon,” are too rich to be true pastels, but they have a softness to them that makes it difficult to call them brights. They’re somewhere in the middle, and I bet they’d both look great with something crisp and white come spring.

Not only is the color of this bag great, but so is the shape. Structured, slightly ladylike bags have been the Big Thing for a while now, and that trend seems slow to dissipate. If you want to carry your whole life in your bag, look elsewhere – this one isn’t right for you. If you just want your wallet, sunglasses, phone and keys, though, with maybe an extra or two, this size is perfect. Buy through Nordstrom for $425.

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