Bibble Labs Purchased by Corel – Announcing New Projects at CES

January 10th, 2012

Bibble-Corel.pngBibble Labs specializes in workflow
software with quick and efficient editing, and plenty of management
options. Their solution, Bibble 5 Pro, is well loved by the
community and was just recently updated for additional camera
compatibility. It’s a minor update, but it’s the last one that’s
coming down the pipeline.

The reason, as it turns out, is that
Bibble was purchased by Corel. According to company president Jeff
Stephens this actually occurred “earlier in 2011” but the
deal has been kept quiet until now. He says that everyone from
Bibble is now working at Corel on various new projects.

“I’m now running product
development for Corel’s new photo workflow solution that is based
on the core Bibble technology,” says Stephens in a post on the
support forums
. “What’s even better is that I now have
access to dedicated user interface and graphic designers… a full QA
team dedicated to product testing, along with documentation and
localization teams, marketing and sales teams, and a huge,
international distribution system to help get our technology the
notice it deserves.”

The official announcement and the
reveal of the new Corel-branded software will be happening at CES
this week.

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