Balenciaga is the latest star of a Thursday Friday tote

January 21st, 2012

First Hermes (and then no more Hermes because they got sued), then Chanel and now Balenciaga – tote company Thursday Friday seems like it won’t be satisfied until every iconic handbag under the sun (except any made by Hermes because, well, you know…) has been immortalized on its Thursday Friday Together Tote Bag. This one, naturally, is called the “Moto.” Clever.

I’ve heard no news of a lawsuit against Thursday Friday for its Chanel tote, perhaps because even though it was clearly meant to depict a Chanel bag, there was no outright branding in the photo – it lacked the interlocking C closure or the word “Chanel” anywhere on the tote. If that’s why the brand hasn’t tried to interfere, then perhaps Balenciaga is out of luck if it wanted to stop production of this bag as well; despite the signature hardware and design, there’s no explicit branding on the outside of a Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag.

Come to think of it, that’s probably why we haven’t seen a Louis Vuitton version of this tote – not only is LVMH the most litigious of all the luxury conglomerates, but the most universally recognizable Vuitton bags are all in monogram canvas, the reproduction of which would make a lawsuit a veritable slam dunk. Has your opinion of these bags softened at all? Mine has a bit, if only because they seem to pretty clearly be going nowhere. Were you a fan from the beginning? Are you still appalled? Let us know, or if you so choose, you can pick up one of these bags via for $35-$95, depending on size.

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