Away we go with Kate Spade’s pretty printed suitcase

February 3rd, 2012

With stores everywhere filling up with the finest of Spring 2012′s bright, cheerful offerings, it’s hard not to have a getaway on the brain. When you combine that with unseasonably warm weather in New York this week, I’m feeling more impatient than ever for the arrival of spring, or simply the arrival of my next vacation.

Sadly, that’ll have to wait until at least after Fashion Week, but right now, I’m mentally packing the Kate Spade Japanese Floral Medium Suitcase as my carry-on and jetsetting to, I don’t know, Bali? Bali sounds about right, I think. It’s my imagination, I can go wherever I want.

When I first looked at this suitcase, I thought, “Well, it’s very cute, but who would actually use a hand-carried suitcase anymore for real travel?” I took a close look at the dimensions and got out my measuring tape, though, and then I realized that the case isn’t all that much bigger than my large Proenza Schouler PS1. It would be big enough to fit a 15″ laptop and everything that you want to take on a plane for entertainment during the flight, or perhaps big enough for a short weekend car trip, but not so big that it would be uncomfortable to carry without wheels to aid in the process.

This bag is a luxury item for sure, in that it’s for a particular type of traveler that’s far more interested in style than comfort. Those women do exist, as evidenced by the number of people I see trekking through the airport in sky-high heels, but for anyone else this bag probably seems like a slightly silly purchase. On my imaginary vacation, though, the pretty print and classic shape make perfect sense. Buy through Kate Spade for $828.

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