A Sad Time for Steve’s Forums Users – RIP Sarah Joyce Weber AKA mtclimber

November 8th, 2011

Sarah-mtclimber.jpgSadly, we just learned on Friday, November 4th (2011) that Sarah Joyce Weber (affectionately known as mtclimber here at Steve’s) passed on in April, 2011.

We can remember when Sarah stopped posting to the forums in April, indicating
that she was taking a break. But, we never suspected that she had
health problems, since Sarah didn’t mention any personal problems (and
that’s typical of Sarah, always the strong one, setting an example of
strength for others).

Sarah was a tremendous help to our forum members here, always willing to
coach our readers so that they’d make the right decisions to improve
their photography, constantly coming up with innovative ways to motivate
others to improve.

She was great at setting examples of how to get the best out of the
equipment members here could afford, often showing readers how to save
hundreds of dollars by making simple changes that let them get much
better results with modest gear, versus spending a lot of money on more
expensive solutions.

We will never forget her “feisty” attitude, always “cutting through the
chase”, helping members make better decisions based on her common sense
and real world experience, guiding camera buyers through what can be a
confusing maze of available features so that they would make the best
decisions possible about the equipment they bought and used.

After leading a full career as an Airline Pilot for TWA, Sarah became a
Digital Camera Instructor teaching at a Community College, and often
volunteered time to share her knowledge and skills in photography to
help out readers here at Steve’s.

Sarah made over 18 Thousand posts in our forums, providing tutorials and
answering questions to steer readers in the right direction to help them
get the best out of their cameras. She was always a great motivator to
others, never afraid to put her reputation on the line to show others
what their camera was capable of in the right hands.

Our sincere condolences go out to Sarah’s family, especially to her
husband Bradley. Sarah was deeply appreciated by all of us, and she
will be missed. May mtclimber rest in peace.

If you’d like to pay your respects on the forums, some members have already started a thread –

A Tribute to Sarah Joyce Weber…mtnclimber

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